About Lentaba

The name Lentaba was EPLA's brand name in Europe for beef exports, so we made that our name. Lentaba operates from the old EPLA abattoir facility in Port Elizabeth as well from the Cradock abattoir. The shareholders and directors are Gavin Moorcroft and Ian Landman, all formally of EPLA.

Ian has worked in nearly every department in the business, so he was the perfect choice for Operations Director. Ian and Gavin have been working together for a really long time. They understand the importance of working together as a team to move to company forward.


Purpose  Commitment


We will manage an innovative, continuously improving business that delivers sound value to our customers, both suppliers and buyers, so that the company grows and is profitable.
Customer  Commitment


We will carefully identify customers needs, provide superior service and achieve high customer satisfaction in agricultural supply, wholesale and food service.
Product and Service Commitment

Product and Service Commitment

We will provide the highest quality slaughtered and value added meat products to our target customers, delivered on time and in the volume and form required.
People  Commitment


We will provide a work environment, which helps our people to use their best abilities and be rewarded appropriately. We will respect the dignity and worth of each individual and will offer opportunities without regard to race, religion, sex, age or disability.


Food Safety describes the hygienic handling, processing and storing of food products to prevent bacterial growth, cross contamination and food borne illnesses which could cause harm to humans. By following the correct procedures and regulations, we can improve the quality and thus also extending the shelf life of our product.
At Lentaba we follow a HACCP – system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) to control the quality and the safety of our products and together with training try to establish a hygienic environment where our products can be slaughtered, deboned and processed.


Halaal Certified

Beef, Lamb and Deboned Meat certified halaal by the Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust


15 Buick Street,
Markman, Port Elizabeth

Business Hours

Monday - Friday
8 AM - 5 PM

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041 401 6800
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